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Elk Pair
Elizabethtown NM
Axis Deer Guadalupe State Park, TX
Bull Elk Mayhill, NM
Fox Squirrel Guadalupe State Park TX
Grey Whale Tail CA
Birds and Water Fowl
Male Cardinal
Bald Prairie, TX
Lake Arrowhead Steller's Jay
Gadwalls on Bloodworth Stock Tank
Wood Ducks Bald Prairie, Texas
Bob White Pencil Presentation
Bobwhite Lake Buchanan,TX
Morning Dove Pair Anaheim, CA
Annie's Humingbird Anaheim, CA
Bald Eagle Watching Over Fledgling
Bobwhite Among Cactus & Bluebonnets
Carolina Wren
Evening Sunshine on a Female Cardinal
Female Cardinal
Bald Prairie TX
Frio Mallards
Gadwall Ducks on the Wheelock Prairie
Greens Bayou Bald Eagle
Home Pond Gadwall Ducks
Hooded Mergansers Boone Prairie TX
Wheelock Cardinal
Mockingbird Perched on a Pencil Cactus
Morning Dove Among Indian Blankets
Proud Bald Eagle
Ring Neck Duck on the Rise
Ring Neck Duck Taking Flight
Rio Grande Gobbler
Goodrich Ranch TX
Rio Grande Turkeys
Medina, TX
Spoon Bill Ducks
Boone Prairie TX
The Egret Happy Dance
Tufted Tit Mouse
Bald Prairie TX
Wood Ducks, Oak Canyon Nature Center, CA
Alaska Highway
Yukon Territory
Elizabethtown Cabin NM, B&W
Willow City Loop TX
Aspens of Elizabethtown
Elizabethtown Cabin New Mexico
Middle Fork Lake Mountain
A Hay Barn in the East Texas Woods
Cimarron Canyon Highway, New Mexico
Scenic Aspens Middle Fork Mountain, NM
N. Valley Highway Aspens Red River, NM
Black Lake Valley New Mexico
Ju Ju's
Elizabethtown NM

Lost Maples
Monet, TX

Middlefork Mountain Aspen Grove NM
Mrs. Cornelia's Corn Crib Wheelock, TX
Cimarron Canyon NM
Hardwood Sunrise Atlanta State Park TX
Cattle Guard Early 1900's Goodrich Ranch
Sabinal River Panther Rd. Crossing TX
Bobcat Pass Aspens New Mexico
Cimarron River Panorama NM
Colorado River on the Tanyard Ranch
Davey Dogwood Park Palestine TX
Eagle Nest Barn Klondike Rd. NM
Windmill Vermejo Park Ranch, Cimarron, NM
Goodrich Ranch Watergap TX
Wheelock Community Center Winter Day
View of Grand Canyon South Rim 2
View of Grand Canyon South Rim 3
View of Grand Canyon South Rim 4
View of Grand Canyon South Rim
View of Grand Canyon South Rim 5
Views of Sedona AZ 2
Views of Sedona AZ 3
Views of Sedona AZ 4
Views of Sedona AZ 5
Views of Sedona AZ 6
Views of Sedona AZ 7
Views of Sedona AZ
Windmill on the Caprock
Gore Mountain Range Colorado
Royal Gorge Fire Fatality 2013
Watering Hole at Crow Creek NM
Royal Gorge Pinon Pine
Caddo Lake Fallen Tree Reflection
Caddo Lake Ice Storm
Caddo Lake Swamp
Medina River Sunset TX
Cimarron River Bend
New Mexico
Bloodworth Reflection Wheelock, TX
Caddo Lake Reflections
Alaskan Mountain Lake Reflection
Medina River Peaceful Valley Crossing Fall 2011
Medina River Peaceful Valley Crossing 2013
Sabinal River Cornelius Rd Crossing TX
Caddo Lake Cypress Tree Nutria Den
Medina River Peaceful Valley Crossing 2012
Caddo Lake Waterway
Caddo Lake Beaver's Whittling Tree
Caddo Lake Cypress Stump
Niagra Falls Rainbow
Thanksgiving on the Medina River
Frio River Sunset Leakey, TX
Bear Lake Estes Park Colorado
Fern Lake Trail Estes Park Colorado
Long Peak Colorado
Sunsets, Sunrises, Night Sky
Cabresto Canyon Sunset Questa NM
Goliad State Park Mission Sunset
Orange County Night Sky CA
Pump Jack Sunset off OSR TX
Sunset at Goliad Mission LaBahia
Texas Hill Country Sunset
Stormy Wheelock Sunset TX
Wheelock Cedar Tree Sunset TX
Wright Patman lake Sunrise TX
Sunrise on Lost Maples State Park Trail TX
Abstract Moon Rise
Niagra Falls Sunrise
Before the Storm
Elizabethtown, NM
Bald Prairie, TX
Twin Cactus Blooms TX
Pin Cushion Cactus
Bluebonnets Lake Buchanan, TX
Bluebonnets Willow City Loop, TX
Iceland Poppy
Stonewall TX
Iceland Poppy Trio Stonewall TX
Indian Blankets Goodrich Ranch
Orange Poppy
Stonewall, TX

Pink Poppy

Blue Waterleaf
Dogwood Flowers Palestine TX
Heavenly Dogwoods
Railroad Trestle & Bluebonnets TX
Springtime in the Hill Country
Valentine Cactus
Wild Sunflowers
Wheelock Prairie TX
Blooming Lillypad
Stonewall, TX
Tulipan Del Monte
Maysfield Wine Cup & Indian Blankets
Maysfield Trio
Texas A&M
Game Day Aggie Ring
Reveille VIII Lockstep Fall Review 2012

12th Man
By James A. Nowak

Kyle's Last Night
By James A. Nowak
Domestic Animals
Bald Prairie Rooster
Spot on the Red River NM
Lucky on the Red River NM
Spiritual White Buffalo
Questa, NM
Alaskan Malamute Questa, NM
Drink of Water Dallas Katy Trail TX
Herefords at the Water Hole
Longhorn Cow
Three Rivers, TX
Longhorn Cows
Yager Creek, TX
Buffalo Bull, Vermejo Park Ranch, NM
Pacific Fritillary Butterfly
Bob's Monarch Butterfly NM
Black Swallowtail Butterfly Goliad, TX
Monarch Butterfly on a Buckhorn Cactus
Monarch Butterfly on the Rio Penasco NM
Psychedelic Monarch Butterfly
Black Swallowtail Butterfly Spring Migration
Julia Longwing Butterfly
Rice Paper Butterfly
Tawny Owl Butterfly
Tory Hunter vs Texas Rangers
Jack's First Bass
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