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Photography is my passion! I really enjoy photography and the outdoors, in that combination. I love to shoot landscapes, waterscapes, wildlife, sunsets, sunrises, night skies, and all things that nature displays. I love to photograph those subjects that the good Lord has given us, the natural beauty we find in nature. There is a certain challenge of putting together the right shot to get that mix of things combined together to make a memorable shot. Hopefully, I can put together photographs to share with others that may bring back a special moment in their lives, a memory of some place they visited with someone or by themselves. They may just look at one of my photographs and for a little while enjoy a peaceful, relaxing moment. Someone may view one of my photos and say "I have been there" or "I would love to be there right now". So many times we say that to ourselves when viewing a painting or photograph.

As Dena and I travel the roads together, we look for those things that might make that special photograph. Many times we stop and note something that we want to return to another time when the conditions and the light are right for that perfect shot. Photography has made me see things that I have driven by in the past and thought how beautiful but drove on past. Now, we will turn around and go back to really enjoy the moment and hopefully get that perfect picture that I can share.
I have learned that so many people and I have the same appreciation of nature and the wonder that our country and world has to offer us. Not all individuals are as fortunate as I am to travel the roads to experience these gifts of God. My photographs are a way for me to share these experiences with others.

This is my story, and who I am is reflected in my photography.

Charles, his wife Dena, and boss-dog Urlacher, live in Wheelock, Texas, a small, historical community 35 miles north of Bryan/ College Station. Charles grew up in Houston but is a "country" soul through and through. He attended Texas A&M University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. he later attended Sam Houston State University where he earned his Masters of Education.

Charles began teaching in Franklin ISD in 1980 as a CVAE teacher then became high school ag science teacher. In 2000 he was appointed principal of Franklin High School and in 2005 he became a district-level administrator.

"I have always had a passion for the outdoors and for wildlife", says Charles. In the summer of 2008 just before a trip to Alaska, he bought his first Nikon and the rest is history.

He and his wife have one son, Charles Henry, who lives in Anaheim, California with his wife Melody.

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